where to define depreciation %age for a fixed asset

Dear all,

I want to know where to describe the %age of depreciation on fixed asset.

I think, it must be in FA posting Group and field name is allocated depreciation %

Am i right ? Please clarify it. Can we define the %age of depreciation somewhere on Fixed assets card also ?



Standard NAV does’t link FA Posting Group with Depreciation Method (incl. Percentage and other params). Field Allocated Depr % is for different purposes and has nothing to do with Depreciation Percentage.

Although, its a common (and relatively simple) modification to link Depreciation method deault settings with FA Classes or FA Subclasses - I even hoped MS will add this to standard sometimes, but…

But in Fixed asset cards there are two fields

straight-line %

Declining-balance %

I think these are the fields where we can define %age of depreciation.

I am surprise, if there are no columns for %age of depreciation then how will navision calculate depreciation ? i.e.on which %age depreciation will be calculated.

What is the use of Allocated depr % in FA posting group then , please tell me



There are more - not all will be used simultaneously, different fields are relevant to different Depreciation methods, and yes, its where you set up you Depreciation method for a FA. Your first question was about automating this setup by simply choosing a FA PG and get the fields filled in - its not a standard behaviour, but can be implemented, see my previous answer…

This is intended for allocation of different FA transactions between several G/L Accounts, not only one, if, say, you wish to allocate 75% of amount to one expense account and 25% to another.