Where to code PO Alert

I’m looking for the right place to code a PO Alert if the amount exceeds $100,000.00. Tried PurchTable/update method but that is executed when totals are displayed also. Optimal situation would be to send once and only after P.O. is created. Would this require a new class?

hai steve

Try in modified/validate field method.

I guess it would work,

Well, first of all, putting an alert on saving or modifying action of field doesn’t sound like a best practice. While PO is not posted it is assumed as draft, people may enter wrong amounts by mistake, press SAVE and some persons will keep receiving hundreds of rubbish alerts… Operators will correct the amounts later and save records again – which means another alert will be sent an so on… But if you still insist on this kind of solution, you should put a code check before that to check if the PO total value has been changed, at least this will eliminate some false record saving alerts when some other information has been actually modified.

But I find a conceptual problem here - the reason why you would alert someone for POs over 100k $ - it seems that you want to send the alert to managers so that they are aware and most probably check this PO before it is being posted. Well, this is actually a perfect example of where workflows should be used. But after all - I may also be wrong guessing the purpose of this change in your case.