Where to check "Auto Charges" already took effect

In the Dynamics AX 2012 R2 i have already created a “Auto charges” Record, the level for the “Auto charges” is “Line”,the configuration as below:


and i have already set the “Item charges groups10 for the release product and the “customer charges groups10 for the customer.

I created a sales order for above customer and item, On the open sales order, where can i check if this “Auto charges” line already took effect.

many thanks.


You can check that in Sales order\Totals form. Navigation: Sales order tab\View\Totals.

Hi Kiran,

The “Total Charges” is zero, on the sales order “Totals”.

Do i have to specify “Mode of delivery code”? anywhere else can impact the “Auto Charges” ?

No. Just make sure that the Customer & Item you choose for sales order belongs to the Customer group & Item group you have defined in Auto charges criteria. Rest the values must appear if you had set them up correctly.

Hi Kiran

i can find the “Customer charges groups” on the sales order head view, but i don’t know where i can find the “item charges groups” on the line view.

do you know anywhere that i can specify the “item charges groups” on the line view. i’m pretty sure that i can set them on customer and item.

Specify at item level, on the Released product details\Sell tab\Charges group

hi Kiran,

i’m pretty sure that i have already specified the “item charges groups” for the released product. but when i check the “Totals” on the sales order line for that product, the “total charges” is Zero.

from my point of view, this code should be took to the sales order line somewhere. but anyway, the charges still not exist.

this problem fixed by ticking “Find main charges” and “find charges for line” under path “Accounts Receivable->Accounts receivable parameters->Prices”.