Where is WMS reports???

HI, I can not find any basic reports for WMS 3.70. I need just: - Inventory by BIN; - Warehouse Activity Report Are these reports exist???

Hi Valentin As I am sure you are aware the Bin lofic has been altered for 3.70, and I do not believe any additional reports exist in this area. In my version I have “Warehouse Bin List” report, I can bring forward the filter Empty, and select “No” and then on teh options tab tick show bins contents - this will show me the contents of a Bimn, its will just be Item and Bin, not Inventory by bin as I think you requested - but you could probably modify this report to get what you require. The warehouse register does show movement in WMS, but I am not sure if this helps your requirement for “Warehouse Activity Report”. I have 6 standard WMS reports, so this looks like an underdeveloped area [:D]