Where is navision 4.0 sp3, navigation pane information stored?


Different users are assigned tabs e.g Sales and Marketing, Purchase and warehouse etc on the basis of their area of functiioning. The problem that we are facing is that all the tabs appear by default on each new ID that is created and the person creating ID has to go to each and every tab individually to unassign the tab to particular users. The situation is even more tiresome in our case, as we have around 15 tabs and number of users getting created on routine basis is also high. Even if we could set the system as such that by default no tab appear on new ID, could help big time as generally one user is assigned 2 or 3 tabs only

Related Details: -

Nav Version: - Navision 4.0 SP3
DBMS: - SQL Server 2005 as DBMS
Number of Users: - 150

Thanks in advance for help…

Hi Shiv,

This is a frustrating feature on the navigation pane. You can code around this by copying a record in the User Menu Level table