where is function located?

I have written a .net verion of a Navision program. The company wants to continue to use the Navision version. There is a button that exports certain info that they want imported to the .net version using an SQL Server. I have found the command behind the button that does this…it is called “MoneyManagerCodeunit.ProcessProgram”. How do I find this function and what it is actually doing? thanks, Trint

Go into design mode and put the cursor on that variable. In the status bar at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the name of the codeunit that the variable is derived from. From there you can go to the Object Desinger and find that codeunit in the list of codeunits. Django

If you want to see the actual lines of code that are executed then what u can do is run the ‘Code Coverage’ form. Now do the normal processing of ur codeunit. The ‘Code Coverage’ form will show u what exactly the lines of code have been executed from the codeunit etc. The ‘Code Coverage’ form can be run by going into Tools->Debugger->Code Coverage. Hope this helps u out Regards Akshay