Where is AP payment date coming from payment proposal window? (AX2012)

Please see attached form.
On payment proposal window, how can we use “Total payment date” and “Minimum date” fields?

Let’s say we wanna use Today’s date as payment date, where should we put today’s date on the proposal window?

From Help :

Minimum date

Enter the earliest date for the payment. This date is used as the payment date if the date that is calculated for the payment proposal occurs before the date that is entered in this field. For example, if you create the payment proposal on February 1 but you want the payments to be dated no earlier than February 5, enter February 5 in this field.

Total payment date - Enter the date that the payment is requested. This is only used when the period on the payment is Total.

You would enter the date in the “Total Payment date” field in the 'Payment proposal" window.