Where i can get full list of the most updated hotfix?

Dear all axapta lovers :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I have questions :

Where i can get full list of the most updated hotfix axapta 2012?

Is anyone have the link?

Once, i encountered problem that i have posted below :


Microsoft gave me solution the update hotfix KB 2728369

Before I asked microsoft, I have already search in KB list of partner souce. Here is the page :


I can not get the KB 2728369 there.

So, when i search the others KB due to other simptoms, do i really must contact microsoft directly? before i can get the correct hotfix and download link to the KB.

If it’s so, i think that’s very amusing :smiley:

I just want the correct KB for their product’s problems, but i need to contact directly to them and pay fee!