where I can find c/sIDE to download?

i am going to have an opportunity to work in Dynamics NAV programming, for this i m gathering information through web and other resources.
As an experienced software developer, so far I find that it requires to get well equiped with C/AL to write code in order to modify any module.
can we not download C/SIDE freeware from web so that we can make a practice of coding in it for NAV programming. ??

With sofar reading I am getting this impression that we need to purchase licensed tool (c/side) becasue it is not easily available as compared to other programming languages tools like .NET IDE for c# programming.

will somebody could come up and clarifiy more.


hi shahmeer,

first of all welcome on aboard!

please check this site properly! you will get many similar post!


No, you can not - and the only reason is, that such simply DOES NOT EXIST…

It’s not like ".NET IDE for c# " or others, where development platform exist as standalone toolset. Navision (client) ITSELF is at the same time the developmet “platform” - only license file determines, will you be allowed to use it as client only or for development, too.

Do search the forum for “developer license” - there is a bazilion of threads about how to learn C/AL - but the essence is, you can not do it yourself alone, as dev licenses are given to Partners only, and single person doesn’t qualify for this status. One exception - buy MSDN Premium subscription, that includes almost full dev license.

Dear Mr. Ivans

Bundle of thanks for giving such clear reply. I’ll really appreciate if you could also help me out that whether NAV programming could lead you a career path or not… I also place separate question pertaining to this subject but i couldn’t get appropriate reply. I didnt find any good opportunity here in india sofar after having 9 years of experience and now i am planning to move either uk, canada or austrailia.

what i am thinking is that if i will equiped myself with NAV programming skills, i can easily get job in any above mentioned market and hence can earn money easily.

am i m moving in right direction… please guide me…