Where Hourly rate for workers is stored in DAX 2012?


We are using DAX 2012 CU3. I am trying to find the hourly rates table for our workers in DAX. Can some one help me provide some information on what is the table/query that stores this information? Or at least navigation in the rich client where the hourly rates are managed so I can further research on.



It depends how your system is setup, but I would start at:

Inventory Management >> Setup >> Costing >> Costing Version

Price button on the ribbon bar, Cost Category Price. (RouteCostCategoryPrice.Price).

MES stores it elsewhere from memory, but it depends upon what you are using.

Thanks for the quick response Adam. We are using Project management and Accounting module. I do not see anything created under the Costing version.



Project Management and Accounting >> Setup >>Categories >>Project Categories

Setup button in the ribbon bar and Sales Price (hour) or Cost Price (hour) depending if the hourly rate is the cost or the sales value you seek.