Where do you put the Customer PO No.?

I’m puzzled as to why the caption of the field Your Reference has been changed to Customer PO No. in the NA version of Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1.

Hello folks. Just a bump posting to get more reponse to this question.

Due to a common (mis)interpretation by NAV tech support?

I think is a matter of local habits and rules. When posting a purchase invoice, the “External No.” is needed for the vendor’s original invoice no., that is a legal requirement in Italy and to avoid confusion in sales invoices the field must stay empty. So the Customer PO No. is better placed in “Your Reference”, which will not appear in VAT reports and other legal stuff.

Well I think the main issue, is that External Document No. is a new field. So those that started on older versions of Navision had no option to use Your Reference, and before External Doc No was added to the Sales Header, Your Reference was considered as the Customers PO number, which is probably why this happened.

Now of course it makes more sense to use External doc no. but that can’t really be recaptioned, since it means differnt things all over the place. Also your refference make more since for some users that need to put test details where the customer does not use purchase order numbers.

The new caption though makes no sense, and should be changed back.

Interesting. There seems to be more people using Your Reference as Customer PO No. than I had first imagined.


Com’on folks! Only 19 votes?

I think its as I said, those that have been using Navision a long time use Your Ref because that was the pseudo Customer order number for many many years. Its just the new bees that moved to the External Document no. Though as I said I never really thought about it, and Probably External Doc no makes more sense.