where can we find reservations in ax

Hai to all,

In Navision we have one option called "Reservation " used for S.O & P.O etc.

Like in Navision we have any option is there in Ax 2009. If yes then where can i find that option .


The same functionality is available in AX.

You can find this at various orders.like production orders, Transfer Order and Sales Orders

Take an example of sale order - You can see the reservation option for lines in Inventory → Reservation.

What it will do is - it will reserve from the on hand quantity for that sales order line- means you can not use that quantity for any other transactions.

For more details look into the logistics guide or Microsoft Help documentations available in AX…


i try to create RLS in ax 2012

In project table (proj id) based ,i create the RLS for particular role ,

It display the correct form and role but all Proj id is shown,pls can u tell the clear step for RLS in ax2012

Please create a new thread - adding a completely separate question to a closed thread 15 months old will not get you any answers. [:D]


When you are creating RLS, group must have atleast view access to projTable.