Where can I report bugs

NAV 2009 SP1

Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if I as an end user can report bugs somewhere.

Since we started using SP1 we found 3-4 bugs and it does not look like anyone encountered the same problems as we could not find anything online.


  1. In a sales order, Statistic will not work when changing the Ship To quantity to Zero for any “Item Type” line.

  2. Data deletion for Invoiced Sales Return Order still does not work. IT Administration–>Data Deletion

Thank you,


Here is actually a good place to report such bugs.

From time to time you will find some of the Microsoft Developers running around in this forum. So there might be a chance to get their attention.

Regarding your first issue: Which field did you change and what field in the statistics do you expect to change?

Not everything which looks like a bug is necessarily a bug. In many cases it is more a misinterpretation of information.


Thanks for the reply.

I am pretty the issues I mentionned are bugs and not misinterpretation. I am an end user who did its own implementation with a lot of help from this forum and by reading almost every available documents on NAV 2009.

Regarding the first issue. In a Sales Order, try changing the “Qty. to ship” field to “0” on any lines of type “Item” and then click the “Statistic” button in RTC.