Where Can I get the list of @sys, @PSA labels

Hello Folks,

Where Can I get the entire list of @sys…, @PSA… labels

for example @SYS74144 - E-mail ID and so on and so forth.

Is there a way to get the entire list at one place as a table.

Please Advise.

Thanks in advance.


Shankar Iyer

It’s saved in text files (.ald) in AX 2009 and in the model store database in AX 2012 (and you can export it to a file from AOT).

Hey Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried to search for that file in model store database in AX 2012 but unable to find it.

is it a text file or a table?? Confused on that.

Waiting for your reply


Shankar Iyer


I think you could get these files from AOT under Label files nodes.


There is no file in the model store database. The data is saved either in a table in database (2012) or a file (AX 2009 and older), not both in the same time. The table is called ModelElementLabel.

And as I said, AX 2012 allows you to an export labels from AOT to a file. Right-click AOT > Label Files > SYS > Languages > en_us (for example) and choose Export to Label file.

Thanks a Lot Martin.

It will save lot of my time in future