Where can I find the data for a new company?

After I created a new company named “PSL”. I could not find any new tables contained the PSL data by SQL server management studio.

Would anyone tell me where are those tables being stored?

Those tables should have been created already with dbo.PSL$Tablename after adding the new company (at least for 5.0)

Try to create a record in one of the tables in the new company and then have a look again into the management studio. You should find the “PSL$Tablename” tables then at least.

Or you are just looking into the wrong database?

Did you actually create the company or just a database? When you create a new database it only creates the system tables. To create the actual tables for the new company you have to do File, Company New, fill out a company name and hit OK, you’ll see a dialog box showing you the progress of creating the tables. Now they should be available in SSMS

And you have to use the NAV Client to create the new company. It’s not enough to create a new record in the Company table use the SQL Enterprise Studio tool.

I am using Database “Demo Database NAV (5-0)” and there are only tables of “CRONUS International Ltd” showed under this database. Can not find any PSL tables after I enter an Item record.

I did use the CSIDE Client program to create the new company PSL. Also, I can switch between these two companies.

Hi Koala,
Did you follow these steps to create the new company?

Step 1:

Step 2:


Yes. I did.

Then my only guess is that you’ve created the new company in a different database than the one you’re looking up in the SQL Server!

Hi, Erik.

You are right. I found that CSIDE client is using database.fdb under the path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client. There is another SQL database file “Demo Database NAV (5-0)_Data.mdf” which can be viewed by sql management studio.

Do you know how to use sql management studio to connect to database.fdb?



That actually happened to me too quite recently [:$] To connect to SQL Server, you need to use the “Microsoft SQL Server option for CSIDE client” program. The regular NAV client points to ‘fin.exe’, and the SQL Server option points to ‘finsql.exe’.

Dear all,

Thanks a lot!

I understood now. “Microsoft SQL Server option for CSIDE client” program is using SQL database and “CSIDE Client” is using NAV’s own database format. Only SQL database can be viewed by sql management studio.

Does anyone know if there is a tool to query NAV’s own database details?



You use the NAV Client to do this.

On the other hand you could use other tools which support ODBC drivers to investigate in/analyze a NAV native database.