When you don't know the raw material until you purchase it

Hi, I am used to using an ERP where the raw material required to make a part is known and can be part of the BOM.
How do I process purchase orders and consume raw material s etc. when the material is just bits of wood bought in at random (could be any size), selected and cut to a standard size and then used as the raw material?

Some scrapped wood that has been processed in production is scrapped (ie. because of a knot in the wood) and placed back into the store but could be used for something else (by cutting it shorter) etc.

I would imagine that this sort of thing must be quite common.

How to keep track of stock and traceability in this situation ?


i don’t think you need to keep the inventory in the system for those wood leftover.

when you purchase, you can expense it directly, if this is a seldom use, or just 1 time usage. then you don’t need to record consumption, because it’s expended.

if it will become a common usage, you need to have at least 1 code for it, e.g. wood panel, and measure by M2 (meter square). this wood needs to be inserted in the BOM.