When will the data get inserted into the "ledger currency conversion log" table?

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Can you please clarify me, When will the data get inserted into the “ledger currency conversion log” table?

Deleting Records from the above table will affect any process or not?

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\Data Dictionary\Tables\LedgerCurrencyConversionLog → is used by the currency conversion process. (General ledger → periodic → Currency conversion.

All the tasks related to conversion process are inserted into the table and run based on priority. See \Classes\LedgerCurrencyConversionController\runTasksByPriority

Is your currency conversion process completed?

Please always tag your AX version.

Thanks Kranthi for your reply.

I have multiple companies in local ax 2012 r3, in one company currency conversion is working good, but for the other company currency conversion is not working,

The error shows “Cannot edit a record in subledgerjournalaccountentrydistribution”(subledgerjournalaccountentrydistribution). The record has never been selected.

Please advise.



You should try debugging. I don’t think this is related to existing data in LedgerCurrencyConversionLog table.

Also search in LCS for any known issues.


I have tried debugging it, But its taking recid which it is not supposed to do here in the 3 rd line of the code.


LedgerCurrencyConversionLog ledgerCurrencyConversionLog;

select firstOnly RecId from ledgerCurrencyConversionLog

where ledgerCurrencyConversionLog.Ledger == _ledgerRecId

&& ledgerCurrencyConversionLog.ConversionType == _ledgerCurrencyConversionType

&& ledgerCurrencyConversionLog.TaskCompletionDate == dateNull();

// The conversion is complete when all of the tasks have been completed.

return (ledgerCurrencyConversionLog == null);


Please advise.



Why do you think so?

How is that code resulting the error?