when will effect Cov.Lcy Rndg. credit & Debit Acc


what is the use of the Conv.Lcy Rndg. Debit Acc, Cov.Lcy Rndg. credit Acc, in Currency card ?

when these accounts will effect ?

please throw some use ful informtaion on this.

From the F1 Help text:

Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines

When you enter foreign currency amounts in a general journal, the program will automatically convert the amounts to LCY. However, even if all the journal lines balance in the foreign currency, when each journal line is converted and rounded to LCY, their LCY sum may not balance. This means that a balanced transaction in foreign currency may not balance in LCY, and can therefore not be posted.

You can use the Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines function to insert a rounding correction line in the general journal. This rounding correction line will balance LCY when the foreign currency amounts also balance. You can then post the journal.

Before you use this function, you must specify the G/L accounts that the program will use for the rounding correction. You specify these accounts in the Conv. LCY Rndg. Debit Acc. and Conv. LCY Rndg. Credit Acc. fields in the Currency table.

Thanks Erik,

good explanation, really useful to understand the concept theriotically.

if possible could u one practical example. I will pass that entries and i can test how it works.

Just give one example with some values.


You’re welcome. But next time, please try to use the F1-Help before asking!

The other members like to help you, but only if they feel that you have tried to find the answer yourself before asking. Remember that the Dynamics User Group is NOT A SUPPORT SITE, but a user community where the members help each other with the “stuff” that is not explained very good in the user documentation or help text, or something that is not considered “basic knowledge”.

And with the questions that you have been asking until now, then I’m not sure if it’s required to start by explaining what’s debit and what is credit!

Thanks Erik,

Erik Wrote :

And with the questions that you have been asking until now

for that valuable information .

but try to undestand one thing , i have manuals and i gone trhough the help and manuls also .

it these manuals did not have the practical example to understand the concept transactionl wise.

, i put this query to in DUG know the practicla example .

Hi Ameen

The help is pretty clear here, I even posted it for you on a double posting.

It is not a practical example you need here, it is to understand the concept - what do you NOT understand? A practical example would be to create a currency rate to create the rounfing issue and then process through an amount to create a difference. I do not have to provide you with actual figures to make this practical, but in essence it is exactly what the help states.

I also question whether you have really gone through all the help and manuals, I would advise you do again, if you do and there are still many elements of the system you do not understand then perhaps you need to evaluate your career choice.


This Forum is designed to be helpful and noone is forced to respond to questions they find frustrating.

Comments suggesting career changes are not going to help Ameen learn what he needs to.

Part of learning is the ability to put what you’ve learnt into context, this is what Ameen is trying to do.

Let’s keep it professional.

Good luck with your studies Ameen.