When whas the articlecard created?


I know that i can see when a coustomer whas created. But where do i see when the article whas created?

All i can see is “Uppdate date”.


is article a localized/customized table?

if you you need to check whether it has created date field exists or not…

if not, you need to do customization

I mean the Card, Articlecard, cant i see there what date it whas created… the hole card.

like Coustomer card, there it says “Created by” And “Createdate”

As I said above, if it is not available, we cannot get “Created by” And “Createdate” information for previous records…

if you customize now, you can have the details for future records…

You could also just turn on the Change Log to log insertions for the tables you care about. It will log date, time, and user id. You don’t have to customize if you don’t want to. But still, this would only apply to new records.

Hi Emil, in the English version of Navision, Article is called Item, which might be confusing the other posters. Both customer and item Tables have a field for last updated date, but neither have the date created or who created them. BUT this is a very common request by customers, and I see it on over 50% of all the systems I see.

My guess is that your partner has made the customization on the Customer card, so you should ask them to make the same mod on the Item card. Whilst they can’t back populate that exactly, its a pretty trivial task to scan existing documents and find the first date the item was created and who first used it, so they should be able to build at least some history for you.

Actually just thinking since you are lookign on the card, its qute possibel the partner made the customization but didn’t put the field on the Card.

Press Ctrl+F8 on the item card to see a list of all fields and see if that field is there at all.