when upgrading from 2.50 to 3.60 database got real

how come listing the chart of accounts ‘receivables - payables’ slowed down dramatically when we upgraded a company from 2.50 to 3.60?? i mean, it’s like each line takes 1.5 seconds to display…i can’t find the difference in the code. is there some kind of optomization for the database, or what?? thanks, Trint

Sounds like a key is lacking SIFT on the G/L Entry table.

Hi Trint, following your recent posts, I think thatt here is more going on than your original post “Form 355 is …” In this it appeared that the form magically just got slow. Now I am guessing that that performance issue is actually a function of an upgrade. Please try to take a clear view of the issue, and define it clearly. As Robert says it looks like there are some things missing, and this is probably symptomatic of many more issues down the road.

PS, you didn’t sneek SQL in there somewhere by any chance?

No sql