When running navision and lotus note pc locks up

I have been trying to figure out an issue I am having when one of my clients run lotus notes and navision at the same time the pc’s lock up. Does anyone know of any known issues???

Well… i was using for a long time lotus notes and navision at the same time on a PC and it never lock up by that reason… You should probably check the memory that machine is having and if that issue is also repeated with other programs they’re using. Regards,

Is the problem occuring when trying to “send” mail or just like that. In case w/out any specific activity being performed in Navision, it should be PC problem. We have clients using both and never face any problem lik that.

Not much to go on…but here’s something we came across and resolved: We had a problem Nav2.60f across Citrix. It happened when the automatic notification popped up indicating an email arrived. Turned off the Audible Notification and all was well… Didn’t research any further, it just worked. Bill