When Post negative adjustment in item journal account no field (chart of account not show Proplem why

I have 3 account in chart of account as

113401 this for spare part

113402 this for oil

113403 this for tires(car)

When i make consumption as negative adjustment it go to spare partes cost to this account (113401)

this account include (spare parts of car and oil and tires)

from item journal

Now i need to diviiding these account(113401) to oil and tires and spare part costs

How to dividing to three account

I try from item journal to send costs of three items depending of every item to account specified

but account no not shown in item journal

Are there are any way to display account no(chart of account) in item journal to send the cost to specfied account


In item journal

write vendor no then negative adjustment then account no field show then show chart of account and select

if item is from item no related to oil then select account no oil 113402

if item is from item no related to tire then select account no tires 113403

then after make post it go the account i selected

if possible help me

Can any one help me if possible

It depends on General Posting Setup of the “Gen. Prod. Posting Group” and “Inventory Posting Group” of your items .

Please refer to this article , it’s very helpful for you : http://www.navision-girl.com/search/label/Inventory%20Costing


Thank you for reply

this is for purchase

what is the accounts i must assign when make negative adjustment form item journal

please help me if possible

Well, that for Posting Groups exist…

Create three PGs, set them up as needed and set up appropriate PGs in Item Cards - they will be filled in InvJournal as as you select the Item.

Inventory Account in inventory Posting Setup.

Inventory Adjmt. Account in general posting Setup

If those accounts are not field, Nav will ask you to do fill them before you can post the item journal lines.