when post consumption journal error item xx not in inventory

When i make consumption journal to bom and after this i make post.while post this error show item mux not in inventory how i will solve this proplem

System shows this error because that item does not have inventory available on the location you are trying to produce. you have to either purchase it , produce it or transfer it from the available location to the production location

Now how i check available stock in my location

go to ITEM CARD… CLick on ITEM button (below the form) and click on ITEMS BY LOCATION… by the way this is very basic thing…

if you use variant for item then you have to see the availability of item for that particular variant also.

If i want to change location to specified item how i change if possible please

Use Item reclassification journal for the same

how i make if possible mr amol because i found item not in inventory found in another location

so that how i make re class journal

You can use transfer order for transfer the item from one location to another location. if you are an end user you can take the help from the ERP Admin or you can refer the user manual which must be given by the implementation partner.

Why not change the location in teh consumption journal rather than moving the stock?