When is “Service tax entry detail” table effected

I am new to navision
i have an issue, when i post an purchase invoice for payment method blank
i have posted two invoice and i ham getting one entry in Service Tax Details Table and i am not getting entry for other invoice
i have checked the invoice and compared them but i am not getting why i am not getting the posted invoice in service Tax detail
In Purchase Line > line> Structure Details its is defined as service Tax
i have posted two entries
ie one for Gl Accounts and one For Item
but i am getting the values In detail entries table only for Item and not for Gl account
i am not good in functionality so can u give me idea for this
thank you for your reply

Use Code coverage you will get an idea …

Hi amol

I just downloded CodeCoverage from this link http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=1536.But i dont have any idea regarding what is the use of this object and How to use this object.Please can you explain what is the use of it? and how to use it?.


Code Coverage is option provided by Navision and it is available in

Tools–> Debugger–>Code Coverage.

This will provide you the details of code which is getting executed when you post the transactions

Thanks for reply,

In nav2013 it’s not their in Tools–> Debugger–>Code Coverage.But i downloded Codecoverage object from this link http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=1536 and it’s work fine.But i have to run it every time from object designer .Is there any way that i can add it in Tools–> Debugger?


In your initial post you have not mention the Version which you are using .The answer which I gave is for classic client.