when i use nav2009 to create the new table, the sys says no permission.

hi, all

I’m using navision 2009, when i save a new table ,the navision report is: "you do not have permission to create the ‘xxxx’ table.

who can help me for the report, thanks a lot.

my database is mssql,
and the table id is 5100.
and I have synchronize the secruity for all logins
and in the license information, '7130 Table Designer, is there.

Best Regards!

Hi Foryou,

your selected ID is in a protected area…only MS can add new tables here. Try an ID 50000 and above. The tables you can created are limited by your license, refer to your partner to find out in which area you can create Tables.



hi ,Jan, thanks for your help, and your words is right. it has succeed after i change the table id to 51000.


Glad I could help ;-).