when I am confirming purchase order I am getting this waring not able to run the report?

Hi All,

when I am confirming purchase order I am getting the below waring not able to run the report? plz throw me out of this issue

Unable to create a SysMailer object because the SMTPRelayServerName and SMTPServerIPAddress values of SysEmailParameters are empty.

Hi Santosh,

Are you sending email using SMTP when the PO is posted.

Please check the SMTP setting under System administration\Setup\System\Email Parameters.

thanks for reply,

yes I am sending through SMTP. When I open Email parameters form it is looking like this what Information I have to fill in , if i fill it out, will it cause any issue.? previously without this set up report is opening, but now not opening.

Hi Santosh,

The information in the email parameters varies according to environment, you have to fill in data according to your current SMTP server details. This information is required to send outgoing email.

Are you using AX2012? Can you please confirm if you are trying to send email on posting or printing report on screen. This setup is done in posting form, if you check the print check box it will print and if you check the use print management check box , system will use the current print management setting to either send email, save in pdf ,etc.

Print management settings are available in vendor/ PO level (PO/General/Print Management settings). Read below articiles on how you can send email using SMTP.

Resources :



Thanks Sushanth the information you provided is very helpful.