When configure RTC Client, Sometimes Service in server is down

hi all…

i have experience. installing server and clients for RTC

after finished install for server, and then i set the users for RTC

lets say user name is : A,B,C,D,E

installing user , and then i test it by key in the server address


and then ENTER… it succeed

after that, i install for user B

when i want to test the server address NavisionServer:7046/DynamicsNav, sometimes it can’t connect

why? because the service in server is down… so i must start the service, so i can test for user B

as well as another user C, D ,E

every time I install and test, i must go to the server to start the service

do anyone know what happened?


installing user means adding the user in windows authentications?

if yes, did you try by synchronizing the user?

because the service in server is down

do you mean service is stopped in services?

is it set to automatic?

  1. Yes, after i add the user… all the users in the server, after that i synchronizing the user

  2. yes… the service is stopped… i already set it as automatic

is there any error log in event viewer?

how to check that?

Go to control panel → administrative tools → event viewer ->Application.

Check in there for any Microsoft Dynamics Errors.

ok thanks Manish

yesterday i have a problem too about RTC

what do you use for log on for this RTC Service?

previously i was using Network Service… sometimes error

the service is started and then stopped

and then i change become local system

is it good?

what do you think?


You can use the Network Service account for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service, which is how Setup installs Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This alternative is considered less secure because the Network Service account is a shared account that can be used by other unrelated network services. Any users who have rights to this account have rights to all services that are running on this account. Running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service under a dedicated domain user account is more secure but does require additional work by a domain administrator