When are these TV commercials by Navision Software made?

[mention:a17e3d2616f1413190841e1e2a37fab1:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] has shared two old commercials by Navision Software on YouTube. But the question is when exactly they where made?

The first one is branding commercial. It doesn’t even show the software, just the logo at the end. Mark think that’s it’s from around when they released version 3.0. That would mean around 2000 or 2001. But before the merger with Damgaard Data (Dynamics AX). What do you think?


The second one is a little easier. It’s a video demonstrating Navision’s webshop. Both the date’s in the video and the fact that it shows Navision Financials - not Navision Attain tells that it must be around 1999, before Attain was released in 2000. The “issue” is that, so far I remember, then this webshop (Toys4Growth) was the demo shop used with their first webshop, released with Navision Financials 2.50.


But I don’t really remember much about what happened to this first webshop for Navision. I never saw it at a customer.

Did you?

I didn’t knew that there were some ads. That’s new to me :slight_smile:

Even this seems to be a new experience to me as well but anyhow it looks good. :slight_smile:

Never anticipated there would be something like this. :slight_smile:

There made a few more over the years that I remember. The second one above here, is really more an early version of a demo-video. And what a poor webdesign that shop is using. Why the heck didn’t they use a web designer for it?