What's up with the .ZUP?

I get an error when printing. The error states that I can’t print to a certain printer that doesn’t belong to me, but to another user. Somehow Navision has picked up the wrong set of printers for my profile. I have heard that this is because of the .ZUP file. I heard that I could try to add the certain selection to the printer selections. Would thins work? Any fixes or suggestions?

The printers are not in the .zup file, but on the own computer you’re in. The default printer navision will get is the one as default printer on the computer. The printer selections thing needs to have the printers mapped in the same way in the different computers, as it will get the printer choosen on the printer selection and try to find it on your machine. Regards,

Take a look into “General Ledger”/Setup/“Printer Selections”. Is there a setup that somehow conflicts?

under the print selctions you can define printers, but will this stop the wrong printers from being detected and would I have to set it up for every function? I’m using Navision via a wan through Citrix client access

Hi I think Annfinnur was implying that within here the report you are trying to run off maybe associated with your user logon and a printer - and that this specific printer was not available.

That’s a start… You’re using Navision via a WAN through CITRIX… important information you didn’t mention previously… did you check what printers is giving CITRIX to those users when they connect with a “wrong profile”??? You should start by testing what citrix is doing first in this case… Regards,

Test in what way? The Citrix gives you a \client name\printer name for a different machine. How would we go about testing why this happens? It is getting worse by the day. Also we get a problem where the printers on Citrix will lose a tray. One minute the second tray will be installed, the next day you log on and the printer has lost it’s second tray. This is a real problem if the basic user can’t install a printer over a WAN. We use 4 servers for Navision and if you log on and off enough times you finally get a server with the tray still installed. It loses these settings at random, any help out there?

I should start by admitting that I have no expertise in Citrix. But if the problem relates to what ZUP file is being accessed, I would consider setting up my Navision so all the ZUP files were located on the host rather than the client systems. I would at least test this approach for a couple of logins to see if it made any difference. See the System Setup chapter in the Installation Guide manual for more information.

Why would the server lose trays off of the printers for certain users.

I have a printer installed on one system that has an extra tray. Everytime anything changes in the setup of that system, the printer setup reverts to the defaults for reasons I do not understand. The defaults do not include the extra tray. So that printer “loses” it’s tray until I reset the setup. Plus the incantation to make the setup “stick” from day to day is very confusing. So, even though I’ve gone through the drill a number of times, it often takes me a couple of tries to get everything set back the way I want it. I’m not saying this is your problem, but given the number of “intelligences” involved in your configuration (the client OS, the server OS, the printer driver, Citrix, Navision, the printer itself), you may have an combination that is difficult to discipline. Just a possibility.

Dave, That is exactly what is happening, but I am on the high end of the user scale and I’m the only one at my site that has the access and knowledge to set up another printer or modify existing ones within Citrix. We use 4 different servers to access the Navision Database and not all of servers lose this extra tray. How can Citrix lose these setup configs? Is there a way to update the system without losing these settings? We are always in a state of flux and the system changes too often for my liking.

Stacy, I’m afraid I don’t have the Citrix experience to offer any concrete suggestions in that area. I will add to my earlier personal experience description just in case that helps. We have another system with the same printer on a different client OS and that system does not get changed very often. It never seems to have a problem losing setup. I don’t know whether it’s the particular changes or the OS or something else that causes the flakiness, just that it happens on one system and not the other. I also believe that the event (reversion to defaults) has nothing to do with the users’ priveleges. All I can suggest is to try to nail down the following: a) does the problem consistently occur relative to one factor and not another (one server and not others, one printer and not others, through Citrix access and not direct access)? b) does it related consistently to another specific event (other changes in the offending system)? Focus on an area based on your diagnosis. There’s probably more diagnosis that can be done, but I’m out of ideas (and time at the moment). Maybe others here can advise. This may have to be one of those excruciating step by step process of elimination tasks. Good luck.

Hi Stacy, You did not mention the version of Citrix, so I am going to assume XP. There are several things to check out here. We currently have 2 citrix servers in our farm. The printers must be set up on each of the Citrix servers. We have a remote printer that uses 3 trays, and it is set up on each citrix server. (settings/printers) If you make a published printer unavailable that is a default for a user-another printer will be automatically made the defaul. Also, make sure that the printers are being autocreated for the clients when they connect via Citrix. You can see if this is happening by viewing the event logs on the Citrix box. If they are failing, you will need to set up the driver EXACTLY as it is named in the event log. This is done thru the Citrix Management Console. Finally, if you continue to experience problems-go into the printer properties/security and specify only the users who need the printer. It is common for everyone to be listed by default, that can cause big problems. Hope this helps.