What's the minimum spec for a Citrix-type setup (maximum 5 users, NF2.0)?

I am assuming Citrix is still the recommended solution for connecting remote clients to a Navision Financials server(?) If so what is the minimum specification for additional hardware and software needed to attach 5 remote users to an existing NF2.0 system? The system need not be blisteringly fast - just ‘usable’ for up to 5 users. Also, is it best to link these using a direct telephone connection or could it be done using something like a 128K Internet connection at each end? Thanks, Chris R.

To serve only 5 users it is absolutely enough to use a workstation with 256MB RAM and a small PIII CPU (no Celleron), provided that you run only NF on it. It is advisable to use WIN2000 with Metaframe 1.8. Furthermore be informed that Citrix still works satisfactory with 5 Clients simultaneous on a 64K line (for example: router to router connection) If you have 5 Clients on different locations you get the best performance if you use direct telephone connections (64k), but this will be very expensive. If you habe the possibility to use a 128K Internet connection (Web Server, VPN…) it works very fine, too.