What's the difference between reverse entry and reverse transaction in master form ?


In each journal lines we have reverse entry and reverse date

And in each respective module when we open any master form [vendor,COA,customer] we have reverse transaction button.

what’s the difference in between these and how can i cross check after reverse transaction ?

It’d be better if somebody would explain with some example ?

Even in GL->General Journal->For (open )journal lines->Functions->Load ledger Transactions->select “new voucher per voucher”->tick against invert sign

One line will be created having -ve values.

So i can’t understand under what situation we will use Reverse Entry, Reverse Transaction and Load ledger Transaction( invert sign )?

Reversing Entry & Reversing date - When ticked and date is filled AX creates additional voucher for reversal in the same journal.

This is useful when your are passing period-end provisional voucher which needs to be reversed in next period.

Reverse Transaction - When clicked this will also reverse the voucher on given date.

This is used, when any transactions is incorrectly passed and after posting it is realized, then you can reverse entry/ transaction/ voucher at click of a button.

Load Ledger Transactions - This helps in creating vouchers in bulk for any purpose. take a scenario where 100 vouchers are there in Journal and after posting it is realized all voucher needs to be reversed. In this scenario huge effort is needed to reverse 100 vouchers. Some vouchers may not be reversible e.g. Bank, Project etc.

Then this option would be useful to reverse all vouchers

So Reverse transaction will not create a new Voucher?

All options will create a new voucher.

Thanks Sachin for your valuable reply but for reverse entry…what is that period-end provisional voucher ? Is this related to fiscal period ?

i can’t understand can you please explain a little futher ?

Provisional Vouchers are also called Accrual Vouchers.

These entries are passed for expenses which are accrued but not due.

HI Sneha, reversing voucher is not generated