What will you call the next version of Navision

When Financials first came out, it was always difficult to know what to call it. I know that there are official names that we can all use, but when talking internally or with exiting clients, we need a simple way of differentiating products.

Often we used to refer to 3.04 and 3.55 as “The DOS version” but that did not fit well, since it really was a full 16 bit OS application, and also a UNIX app. The Character based worked well, but a bit harder to say. Even prior to “Version 3” there was PC Plus and it was hard to decide if it was an earlier version of Navision, or was Navision a new product. So when Navision Financials was released, the new version was Financials, but there was no name for “the old Version” Even in Financials we had a significant change when the Item Ledger table was split into two tables, so we often hear “Pre Value Entries” and “Post Value Entries”. Versions are no help, since they change with no real pattern.

So I was thinking in terms of “Generations” But to do that we need to define how many generations. The easiest and the one I like would be:

Generation 0 = PC Plus Single user DOS system

Generation 1 = Navigator/Navision Ver 2.00 through 3.56 DOS/OS2/Unix. client Server multi user and C/AL

Generation 2 = Navision Financials 0.9 thru 5.0 Windows, C/SIDE

Generation 3 = Dynamics NAV 5.1 Windows Three tier client, SQL, C/SIDE and Reporting Services.

So Navision Generation 3

At the moment when I talk with clients and say 5.1, they ask if that is a service pack for 5.0 so I want something a bit catchier. Or are you going to stick with "5.1"

Please if anyone has other ideas of what is a good catch phrase, add to the list.

First of all then I think it’s really bad marketing to call version 5.1 for version 5.1 - normally this would say that the version is just a minor update of version 5.0 - just like a service or so. But with the new client option and the other changes I think it’s so much more.

Either they should have called version 5.0 for version 4.50 or so, and then use 5.0 for the version with the new client.

But what should we call version 5.1? How about just calling it “the role based”`? Even though I kind of still have an issue with the fact they call it role based.

So :

  • Generation 3
  • Role Based
  • Three Tier

any more.

Actually “Role Based” is not the best name now that I think about it another time. “Role Based” really mostly applies to the client, where “Role Based” is opposed to the “C/SIDE client”… Or?

Just FYI… the term ‘Role Based’ is officially not user anymore. It is now called ‘Role Taylored’. The home page is not “based on a role”, it is “taylored for a role”, as in a taylored suit. They also have new names for all element on the pages. Internally they were having a lot of fun with that, they could not keep them apart either.

Oh and I just call it ‘Five One’ [H]

Hmm, and i guess if you have 5.0 and you have someone in accounting called Dan, and you thought of Navision as a Male gender, then at posting time you could say “Book him Dan-o”

Hmm not sure if its even worth pushing the post button. [:$]

LOL someone ever told you you’re a dork David [:O]

Well it was 2.30 in the morning. Did you know that there was only one episode evr of Hawaii-Five-Oh that didn’t end with “Book him Dano Murder One”.

But really I am more interested in what to call this next generation of product.

Believe it or not, I was whistling the tune to that show when I posted about calling it Five One [H]