what will be the data item indentation for calculating posted and unposted sales quantity

i want to calculate posted and unposted sales quantity from sales line and sales invoice line.

Report outlook will be following:

Client Name--------Sales Person Name-------Quantity----Amount-----Unit Price-----Barcode--------------Description-------Location

what will be the data item indentation here?

Sales Header
-Sales Line

unposeted is sales line.

posted is sales invoice line.

if i put only sales header, it will take only unposted, because posted header is sales invoice header.

i need posted and unposted both. how to solve this data item indentation?

Check whether you can get Posted Qty from Quantity shipped field of Sales Line table…

How about ITEM.

from the item table you can get “Qty on Sales Order” & “Sales (Qty)”.

Your request fails to make sence in the fact that what posted invoices are you looking for?
All of them? Do you want to set a range? What purpose will this serve?

Easier to make two reports - pre-sales & post sales. Or combine them into 1 report with 2 distinct sections.

you can use INVOICED QUANTITY and QUANTITY fields in the document line to calculate you requirement.