What triggers a sales order archive?


(Sorry about posting this twice, but I figure maybe an end user would know this as well)

We’re trying to do some reporting off the sales order archive information in our system. However, it’s a bit of a mystery how to get a new sales order to appear in these tables. Our users are NOT selecting “Archive Document”. Does anyone know what causes a sales order archive record to be created other than selecting “archive document”? I’ve created several new sales orders and can’t figure it out!

Thanks in advance.

we don’t use the archive feature, but when we looked at it, our solution provider said it didn’t automatically archive documents, but they programmed it for serveral of there clients to auto-archive each time a document was released.

that is the most logical place to put a trigger for it in my opinion.

if you think about it, how would it know when to archive something, when it is created there is no detail, and how would it know when you were finished entering the detail. that is why the on release would be a good place to code an auto-archive feature.

Right that’s what happens when things are double posted, you get similar answers :slight_smile: Let’s link these together: http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/t/22674.aspx