What transactions will trigger unrealized loss

In exchange rate table, we can assign unrealized loss and unrealized gain account. May i know what financial transactions will triggeer unrealized loss/gain account post amount into this accounts ?

Where you are trading with a foreign currency supplier/customer and you change the currency exchange rate and you run the periodic exchange adjustment routines. Realised is when the payments are processed and the exchange differences are known. I think that is how it works anyway, not really my area, but try it.

Unrealize loss could be both in AP and AR. Basically when you say unrealize, these are the posted transactions in AX that have not yet been settled. AX recognize these transactions as unrealized when you run the exchange adjustment and there was a movement in your exchange rates.

On the other hand, once the said transaction is settled, AX will automatically reverse the unrealized trasactions and will create new realized transactions.


  1. whenever u r using 2 currencies, transaction currency and secondary currency.

  2. invoice posted in particular currency rate and payment made for some other currency rate