What to expect.

In Navision 4.x we get Employee portal. This is completely integrated with Sharepoint. So what can we expect from Navision 5.0 version. Will we be able to program in .net? Will c/al code still exist in the future? Will we be able to use .net components? What happens to the Native DB? Can we expect a combination of Navision/MS Visual Studio with a VBA-like programming enviroment? Can we program in C#? Can we program SQL Queries directly? I would like to now wat people on this forum think about the Navision future. I personaly am working with C/AL for 6/7 years now and I look forward to all new possibilities. It will be something like going from DOS to Windows. [:D]. Regards, Mark Brummel

Well I am sure a lot of long term US Navisioners are trying to find a connection between Avista and Vista, it does seem a strange conicidence doesn’t it? As for Navision 5.x, well, lets just get 4.1 installed, and get out clients happy with that for now. I believe that your Hydrogen powered fuel cell car is better than my gas (petrol) powered car, but I guarantee I will clock up 50,000 miles before you can travel 100 miles between fuel stations.

I understand that they are heading for the programming in vb and the reporting via SQL reporting services. As a client, it is good for our planning to know in which direction the product is heading, we may not be able to use hydrogen power yet but we can plan for it. It may even bring forward the day when we can use it - my petrol bill is rising by the second.

HI, I visited last Navision Conference and this is what I get from official presentations and unofficial conversations… 1. Microsoft moving all products into SO NAMED “Universal Client” – all products is Office, Outlook, Project Green Solution, BI… 2. This “Universal Client” will be introduced with new version of Windows or slightly later… 3. Navision 5.0 will RUN ON THE “UNIVERSAL CLIENT” – as I understand completely .NET environment 4. USER WILL BE ABLE TO RUN EXISTING CLIENT OR “UNIVERSAL CLIENT” 5. ALL PROGRAMMING IS STILL CAN BE DONE IN C/SIDE 6. Navision will provide tool to convert Navision Form into “UNIVERSAL CLIENT” form 7. AS I UNDERSTANT “UNIVERSAL CLIENT” IS WEB ENABLED 8. IT WILL BE POSSIBLE TO PROGRAMM COMPONENTS ON .NET AND RUN Navision C/SIDE logic… NOW GOOD STAFF 1. Navision 5.0 will be released 2H 2006 – NEXT YEAR! They show demo of 5.0 running on “Universal Client” 2. BEFORE THIS 3 tire Architecture will be released for NAVISION – completely new from NAS – completely WEB Enabled UNOFFICIAL TALKS… 1. Navision was able to create tool to convert Forms into “Universal Client” – all other products was not able to do this… They have to rewrite code – so decision have not be made to start this process – maybe they will never move this into “universal client” that will run Project Green 2. A lot of questions was asked about future of the products: Officially – all products moving forward – unofficially “Navision is the only product that you should not be worried about – it is moving forward”

@Valintin, Thank you for you reply, this is what I heard to. I cannot help to say I am a bit exited. @KDM For Clients, Navision wil only get better and better. Back office efficiency will increase significantly when users have all their information in one place instead of using dozens of programs. @David Keep driving on Petrol. Talk to you in 2 years when we overtake you with Hydrogen. [:D]

Can not say much because of NDA’s but Valentin is basically right but what I can say is that the release date for Dynamics Nav 5 is October 2006. Paul Baxter

It’s very wonderful to hear that there will be new version of navision. The primary important is that navision must always be in the right time and in the right place, what I mean here is that new product should be addressed to increase the sales and the importance of navision as an ERP software. In the sales itself, I think there will be different in every country. in South East Asia for example, there are so many difficulties to make navision could be in the right time and in the right place, whatever theory of sales and another, I think it’s really hard… Rgds, Johnson Mark


7. AS I UNDERSTANT “UNIVERSAL CLIENT” IS WEB ENABLED 2. BEFORE THIS 3 tire Architecture will be released for NAVISION – completely new from NAS – completely WEB Enabled
Originally posted by Valentin Gvozdev - 2005 Aug 16 : 16:30:44

It’s a misunderstanding that the new client is web enabled. It’s not. But the 3:d tire makes the application a lot more web enabled since You will get access to all the business logic with .Net. There vill be no business logic in the new client. All business logic will be in the new service tire. So all talk going on about SOA will fit Navision perfect. That’s what the new middle tire is all about. The 5.0 looks absolutely lovely, so we have an exiting year ahead!