What should i do with Ax when there is error in production?

Dear all,

I face a problem when process Finish good in factory. When process, the electricity in factory suddenly down. What should i do with Axapta especially for production order. The status in production order is started and already picking material. The route also has processed when i started the production.

Thanks in advance

What do you want to reflect in AX - assuming the electricity being absent is no impacting on your ERP system as well.

What happens to the product you are manufacturing when the electricity goes off?

Hi Hector,

At the time, Some of the material still in the machine and of course they can not be used again. What should i do with the production order. Should i report as finished and call it error qty ?

Thanks in advance

If you already have part of the product finished, yes, I would report the good quantity and the error quantity as the remaining that couldn’t be fnished, and in the reason for the error quantity, I would create an “Electricity off” reason. For the picking list you should report all the quantities consumed, and for the route, the time consumed.

We have seen some posts that were having problems when reporting all the quantity of the order as Error quantity, I hope that is not your case.

Hi Rudy,

I think you choose Post Route card now and Post picking list now when start production order. If you never posting route card and picking list before ( except route card and picking list journal which posted by system when start production order) you can use reset status production order to released. The system will do negative journal all of the posted journal. So you can start production order again (backdate) but don’t choose posted route card and picking list, you can post the journal manually.

But, if you want to correct the journal manually, you should do negative journal and then create and post new production journal to fix it.