What is your feed back about this tool "For NAV" http://fornav.com?

We are updating our system from NAV_2009 SP1 to Navision 2016 (CU 18). We already upgraded all tables,forms,Code units objects to 2016 object standard.

Now our next step is that we have almost 240 reports which need to be converted from NAV_2009 to NAV_2016 RDLC report design. One of my friends told us that this tool “ForNav” could do the job.

My only problem with this tool is that when I convert my report from 2009 to 2016, If i want to design the new report (which is converted from 2009 to 2016 through ForNav tool) it will open the report in a design layout which is similar to 2009 (ex: Header, Section…).

The question what do your (Navision Developers & Project Managers) recommend? Should we use this tool? or Should we develop the reports our self using the RDLC designer?

our deadline is this December 2017.

Feedback from Other Forms: