What is use of ReportRef Properity in Table Properties


Please Tell me The What is use of “ReportRef” Properity in Table Properties.



HI Narendra,

This property is similar to FormRef.(Only difference in formRef you will get form and Report Ref you will get report)

In some reports you will be seeing a link - for some of the fields - which will be red in color. If you right click on that then it will take you the main form. The same logic applies for the report ref. If ou add any report (Output Menu Item) to this Table property. When you right on the field below the main form it will also show the report what you have attached to the property and if you click on that it will open the report which you have attached to that property.

Take an example of BaseData report in Inventory → Reports → Base Data.

when you open the report. The Item ID will be in red color and it will be showing a link. if you right click on it and Item Form it will take you to the main Form. Now you create a report by using inventTable and add some fields to that and add this report menu item to the Report Ref property of the InventTable. Now again open the BaseData report and right click on Item Id now it will also show the report which you have added to the Table.

Hope you understood…

Thankq for Reply… It is working.Now I am understanding…