What is Use of " None "

Hai Team ,

Some BaseEnums having the Enum element called **“None”.**But Really i didn’t get what is the main use of this enum element.

and also i tested the first enum value is comming defaultly By using this “None” and without “None” also.

Hi Naresh,

Lets take thestandard Enum element ABC [ having the elements None,A,B,C]

While using this enum in the form,when u create the record it takes the values None,if you want categorise the record into any of [A,B,C] these you should change to it…Other wise it belongs to the category None.].That is how is it is used.

Naresh Kolli…

Hai naresh,

Basically enum are used to categorize and filter te records , which u know well… and none is just an element to differntiate and a general one.

U can change it based upon your requirement.



Hi Kolli,

Let’s take diff example “DirpartyType” Base enum. It Contains [None,Person,Organization]

Now i open ’ vendTable ’ form. And Creating new record While Creating new record it shows only [person,Organization] values only. The None is not come into the picture. So how can i assign the None to that record ?

hai roshan,

Well can you check the properties of each element of the Enum. and assign the value of none to ‘0’



Hi Roshan,

It is setup made globally to take enum value as ‘organisation’ or ‘person’ .

Setup can be find at Basic – setup — Global Address Book — Parameters.

I think this the reason it taking…

Naresh Kolli.

Hai Shon,

The none is already having the value ‘0’.

Hi Naresh,

I got how the Organisation come as default. But what i am asking is in the VendTable form there is No ‘None’ Option. But it is avilable in Base Enums. Why the None option is not avilable in the form & Why he used None in BaseEnum Bcz it is not used in form ?

Can u plz Clarify for me…