What is use of AOS Authorization,cache lookup propeties in table properities


Please tell me the what is use of AOS Authorization,Cache Lookup properties in table properties.



AOSAuthorization Property

This property on a table can take any permutation of Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) values. The default value is None. The value of this property determines which CRUD operations will result in the AOS performing a security authorization check. The security-authorization check verifies that the current user has permission to perform the requested operation on that table. This is based on User Group Permissions. If the user does not have adequate permissions, the authorization check throws an exception.

For example, the UserInfo table has AOSAuthorizationProperty set to CD (Create and Delete). Whenever a Create or Delete operation is requested on that table, the AOS performs the authorization check. It does not do any additional checks for Read or Update operations.

Source (Microsoft: writing Secure X++ Code). You can find more information on page 462 of the book “Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009”