What is Tickler

Frinds what is Tickler. One Customer Has Given the Following Requirments . I Dont Know How To Do This please Help me (i guess this is related to the work flow managment).

- The system must provide a “tickler” function to notify when a call date is approaching, utilizing Exchange or other email system.

- The system must provide a “tickler” file function to report on critical reporting and action dates. (Business Notifications)




Hi Thanx for the reply .do you know how to handle this in Dynamics nav .if posible send me some links. i need some examples.



Hi Satheesh,

Although I have seen this term a few times, it is most commonly used in the UK. Often when working offshore, we see such cultural gaps, because the person writing the spec forgets that they are use jargon language. My guess is that you are doing some offshore development for a UK company, and that you have been given a copy of the initial requirements document, and are now trying to either develop a solution, quote a modification, or to create a Gap/Fit.

Who ever sent you the spec, knows that you work in a different language and a different culture, and if they have chosen to work with you, they must be willing to accept that you can not be expected to understand every English Language quirk and piece of Jargon. So don’t be shy. Send them back a question, saying you don’t understand the spec. And ask for clarification. Trust me, if you say you don’t know you will develop trust with them and they will be more confident to send you work in the future.

Currently the single biggest issue that companies have with off shore developement, is hearing back from ddevelopers “Yes No Problem” they really want to hear “Hmm, I am not sure, can you please clarify some points for me”. In fact all the clients that I know that are workign with offshore resources, are sednign vaige specs as test cases to see if they get questions back. If they dont get questions back, they just stop using the resource, because they know that somethign is wrong.

Call them back, and say “hey what is a tickler” and you will develop much more trust that if you go back and tell them you know it all and don’t have any questions.

This is the single most important thing for any developer, not just for offshore developers. It is MUCH more important even than the quality of your code. Ask for clarification, call the person who wrote the specs and discuss them even when you think you DO understand them, to make sure you understand it correctly before you start programming.