What is the use with Group prompt in field properties

What is the use with “Group prompt” in table field level ?

No one having idea ?

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I have found some tuff about groupprompt as shown below :

The naming of the columns is about labels, which are set out in the field property “label”.

This naming is always displayed when the field is displayed in the application. There are in the properties of the table fields, the property “group prompt”, which sets the naming in masks, if the field is displayed within a group.

The group filed promptly naming the property is used whenever the field is shown in a group. The table can field groups or groups that were created in Forms, to bef

For more information have a look into below link :


Note: information in about site in German language.

Best Practice from MSDN :

It is a best practice to leave this property blank.

If you do use this property, you must use a label.

I hope this helps you to understand the better about filed group prompt.



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I got the basic idea on Group Prompt. i will be more work on that

blog what u mentioned in above is also useful for me…

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To Krishna,

i got the basic idea…now i will try to find out more on that.

The blog what u mentioned in the above is also very useful for me…

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