what is the use of TitleField1, TitleField2 in table properties


Any budy tell me the main use of the TitleField1, TitleField2 in table propeties…

They will be shown as title on the Forms.(on the top as caption)

I understand.Thanq



thankq you sir

Hi, I also want to know what is the use of these two table properties. And when I am giving some value to these properties then nothing is getting displayed in form title bar. Why?

Enables you to do the following:

  • Add table field data to a form caption.

  • Display additional fields in a lookup form. For more information, see Creating lookup Forms. The TitleField1property is also used when activating the lookup list in a field on a form. The fields you specify for TitleField1 andTitleField2 properties can be merged with the key value.

  • Display field information in a tooltip.

ya…its useful for me

Also we need these settings for Alert email Messages … to be able to report record ID generating the Alert and provide drill down from the message.