what is the use of the Table group propertity(main,parameter,group,mislineaous)


Than you for perious reply.I have one more doubt.Please tell me the what is the use of table group options .I did not understands the differences when i am change the different options in the table group option.And what is difference between the Main and Parameter option in table group…



The Table Group property defines - the nature of the table (whether it is a transaction , group , main table etc)

The Group option will be given to the tables which handles the GROUPS - example - Item Groups , Customer Groups, Vendor Groups etc

The main option will be given to the tables which handles the Master Tables - Like your Items, Vendors, Customers etc.

This property gives the top level definition of the Table.

Hope you understood…

ok…Thank you for reply.Suppose I put the “parameter” option in table group propertity,What happen can you tell me briefily…

Parameter property will be given to the table - which holds the parameter setup of the different Modules. which you can see in case of Invent Parameters. When you are taking a back up of data for a company account by using Definition Groups you have an option to select what kind of tables you need to be added in the definition group.

Besides the things that Kranthi mentioned, setting Table Group property also affects performance. If AX performs select on two or more tables that belong to groups Miscellanous, Transaction, WorksheetHeader or WorksheetLine AND you have “Use literals in complex joins from X++” or “Use literals in join queries” options selected in Your server configuration utility, the actual SQL statement that’s being executed will have the “forceliterals” keyword added. It means that the kernel will literally inject specific condition values into the SQL statement instead of using variables as it does by default. That sometimes (though not always) improves performance, but is also considered a security threat.