what is the use of the batch processing in reports ?

HI Pioneers,

What is the use of the field " Batch Processing " in reports ?

Pls share your ideas with a practical example .


By using BAtch Processing we can run all the reports at once

Example: If there are 10 invoices and if we can post all the invoices at once

Not really

With batch processing as asked you can send it to a batch server to process, additionally you can schedule recorrances and times so you can run processes overnight and not impact on daily performance.

HI Lally,

Batch processing in the Axapta usually a build in framework from RunBaseBatch.
Normally we use Batch processing for to run the task in defined time.
For example, it can be scheduled basing on the date and time on which it should run the
All the scheduled batch jobs can be in the Basic module.

Thanks steven sir,

Could you give an example why this functionality is availble in reports ?

The financial inventory by stock dimension may take 5 hours to run. Your choice, start it now and have it at 4pm today, or run it as a batch every night at midnight and come in and it is ready for you. Not sure how you get them out then as reports, but I believe that is the theory, you need someone more technical on the retrieval bit if it is to screen and you end your session, but to file etc, it makes sense.