what is the use of "packing unit quantity" in sales order line?

Dear all,

I’m using AX 2009. In the sales order line, tab other, there is a field group named “packing material”. Inside that field group consists packing unit and packing unit quantity. What I wanna ask is, what is the use of “packing unit quantity” for? I wanna know if it will (perhaps) related to total sales amount or financial voucher when I post invoice?

If this field is available for just some kind of information and not processed when post invoice, I plan to use this field for my own interest and not as AX will use this field for.

Thank you for your help.


I wouldn’t do this if I were you Jefry.

The packing unit is not just a ‘dumb’ field, it’s used to calculate per item the number of units which can be processed in a packing unit.

Even if the field is not used on post invoice stage, best practice usually requires you to create a field in the sales order form and it is also a very simple process in AX compared to other systems.



Hi Jefry,

Monty is right. Packing material feature is available in Inventory Management module.

However, you can also calculate weight of packing material and calculate fee also for the packing material. So packing unit qty can be used to calculate total packing fee.

you can setup make setup also for items having packing material.

Reports are also available in Inventory Management module.

Oke, to Monty and “Dynamics user”, thanks for your suggestion. I guess it’s more safe and better if I add some specific columns that go with my needs than using “unused” fields for my own interest. Once again, thank you very much.