What Is The Use Of Deliver Remainder



Any One Have knowledge About On Deliver Remainder Functionality ,

Will You Please Explain For me



You have a purchase order for 10, the supplier ships 8 there are 2 on order, the supplier tells you they will never ship them. By using deliver remainder you close the line. This shows you you ordered 10 (you could change the quantity to 8) and were sent 8, so the vendor failed to deliver to the commitment impacting on vendor performance. Same is applicable on sales orders when a customer cancels but you want to show the original commitment.

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Deliver Remaider in Functions seems not working for me.

Is there any step I am skipping? Pls help

Sales or Purchase? How many are outstanding?

Thanks for your reply Adam,

I was not following correct process to cancel the remaining quantity of each item through Function->Deliver remainder option.

Disapprove the order. Select each line item one by one, select Function->Deliver remainder, click “Cancel quantity”.

Then approve the order. This should change the status of order “Delivered” or “Invoiced”.

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Hi Steven ,

As you mentioned , Is there any standard vendor performance reports are available in ax to show the Qty committed , but not delivered ?

What you get out of the box is under

Procurement and Sourcing → Reports → Distribution