What Is the use of Currency Buffer Table ?

I have found a tbale named Currency Buffer (332) in Navision 4.0. And i run the table i coun’t find any record.

Now i would like to know what is the use of that table ?




There are some tables in Navision that are usually used as buffers, to do some calculations (they will be used in code as temporary tables - temp record variables).

If you want to know where and why your table is used, you should export all the 4.0 objects to Developer Toolkit, and then use “Where used” functionality to obtain a list of places where the table is used. To do that, just select the 332 Table in Object Administrator Area of Developer Toolkit and click Functions → Where used. You can also use Tools → Where Used Options in order to setup where to search.

So, if you are doing your search with Developer Toolkit, you will find out that the table is used as temporary in some reports and in Codeunit 407, and you can look further inside the reports/codeunit to see how it is used.


Thanks Anca


Jerome Marshal.J

You’re welcome…