what is the replacement of Nextcontrol Text Box Property in Nav 2013 and above

Hi guys, can anyone help me to find a solution for NextControl Property. Or How can i focus on same text box after validating.
thanks in advance.

unfortunately, we don’t have that control anymore with NAV2013. In forms, we had the property “NextControl” where you could define the order of fields that will get the focus when you enter data. Now, this feature is gone.

Hi Naresh,
Today this functionality has been semi-replaced by the ability to define QuickEntry fields. This allows you to point out which fields are important and which are not, so that an enter will bring you to the next quick field.
On top of that, the new functionality is incorporated into the user personalizations, so that it can be changed on a profile and user level.

My workaround is: in the trigger OnValidate of the barcode control, simulate the ‘Shift TAB’ (the cursor move to the next field and immediately turn back).


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